Annie Tooley

Alex Ebner

Dozer/excavator operator

Since I was just 6 months old, I have always been surrounded by heavy equipment.⁣

My grandfather, who ran a dozer and managed a family farm his whole life, exposed me to this world from a young age. ⁣

There are pictures of me as a child playing in the cab of D7s and other machines.⁣

Growing up, I was captivated by dirt work and was fortunate to be part of a family deeply connected to civil construction.⁣

Luckily, my parents understood that college wasn't the path for me and supported my passion for the industry. ⁣

My stepdad taught me that there's more to dirt work than just cool equipment and moving dirt; he showed me the importance of why you're moving dirt throughout a project⁣

I've been fortunate to have incredible mentors and foremen who've given me amazing opportunities and lessons, both professionally and personally.⁣

As for inspiring others to feel the same passion I have for the dirt world, I'm not quite sure. ⁣

Having been raised around earthwork, it holds a special place in my heart, and that's probably why I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. ⁣

For those considering switching trades due to limited machine time, I encourage you to stick with it. ⁣

Keep pushing forward because if you truly want it, everything will be worth it in the end.

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