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Safety specialist at louisville paving and construction

I initially entered the construction industry because I needed a job after moving back to my home state. I became aware of Louisville Paving through family members and decided to give it a try. ⁣

I was offered an administrative position in the safety office, which I accepted. Within a matter of weeks, if not days, I discovered a great interest in OSHA construction standards, investigating safety incidents, and educating field employees. ⁣

To gain a better understanding of the daily tasks of site crews, I spent a day laying pipes with them. It was a challenging experience! I expressed my desire to become a safety specialist, and after months of extensive training, I was promoted. I landed the dream job that I never knew I wanted.⁣

As one of the few women who work in the field at Louisville Paving, I feel respected and welcomed with open arms. I spend time asking questions and showing interest in what our field employees do, and I have never felt mistreated because of my gender. ⁣

I believe that by empowering women, we can inspire the younger generation, particularly women and girls, to feel the same way about the construction industry as I do. ⁣

Sometimes it takes one woman to encourage another to believe that she can do something out of the ordinary, that she can do what a man can do, and that she can be just as successful, if not more so. ⁣

By sharing stories like mine, we can spread the message that construction is not just a man's world but an all-inclusive industry with opportunities for all.

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