Annie Tooley

Annie Tooley

Starting over in a new industry takes courage, and courage is what made Annie Tooley good at her job.

She was working in the medical field and getting burned out on the anonymity of corporate culture. When she heard Rino was looking for help, she leaped at the chance to join there team.

“I’m so grateful to be there,” she said. “I came in green, with no experience whatsoever, and that didn’t seem to cause any issues for them.” 

Over time, Annie proved that Rino's bet on her was a very good one. Her hunger to learn propelled her being a rookie to being someone the whole Rino team depended on.

She loved being there for people and growing the HR and safety programs.  Even more, she found Rino refreshing because she could be herself. “We’re very professional, and we love the work. But it’s nice not to have to filter yourself every time you walk through the door,” she said.

Her advice for women who might be interested in construction? “Don’t be afraid! You don’t have to fit a certain mold.”

Another important lesson to learn from Annie is that working in the Dirt World doesn't always have to mean working in the field. There are plenty of Dirt World jobs that let you work in an office and support the people who are out building things.

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