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Brittany Loveday

Grade checker and operator

Brittany was working as a dog groomer when she woke up one day and realized she wanted to go into construction.

What, she just decided to go into construction? Yep!

Brittany looked up to her dad, who’d been a foreman for more years than she could count. Her mom and sister both got into construction on account of her dad, and as she said, “It was my turn.”

She became an operator and later a grade checker. She planned to learn each position on the job so she could become foreman. 

Brittany liked her work because every single day brought something different—different scenery, different pieces of equipment. And with construction, she didn't feel like there was a glass ceiling trapping her at a certain level.

She explained, “I was treated like one of the guys—it was no different. We kind of had a brother-sister thing going on. You gotta learn to do what they can do, work hard to prove yourself, like anywhere else.” 

For Brittany, the challenge of working construction invited her to get stronger and learn—and the reward was the confidence and joy she gained along the way. 

“When I first started working at Reed, it was the confidence level of, I’m working with a bunch of men—how am I gonna live up to their standards and work at the same level they do?” But digging into the work proved to her that she was up for the challenge.

Find out what it takes to become a grade checker like Brittany.

Grade Checker
Field Team
Equipment Operator

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