Annie Tooley

Corbitt Dorris

Operator and pipelayer

Q: What kind of experience do you have in this industry?

A: I started with Southern Site in 2017, but I had been in this industry for a decade before working there. My family owned construction companies in Springfield, so I grew up loving machinery. I grew up operating trackhoes and stuff like that, so it was  like I was never working when I came to work. I just loved it that much. I was going on vacation every day.

Q: What brought you to Southern Site Contractors, and what did you enjoy about working there?

A: They had great people. There were all kinds of new things you can learn, and they gave you a chance even if you didn't know anything. If you didn't have experience, they were willing to teach you. If you have questions, no one was scared to answer them for you.

Q: How would you describe the culture at Southern Site?

A: Everybody took care of one another. We were just one big family. We all made sure everybody was taken care of and safe. If we had a slow day, we’d show people how to operate equipment or lay pipe. It was a good learning experience. You could do anything you wanted there.

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