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Annie Tooley

Corrin Larter

Accounts payable specialist

Corrin played fast-pitch softball in high school, which taught her the drive and team spirit she'd need to stay sharp in the Dirt World.

She went into construction because she knew there was an opportunity to learn throughout her career. She liked efficiency, doing things right the first time, and working in an office to support people in the field—which made her a great Accounts Payable Specialist.

Corrin hoped to expand this role: “I would love to become an office manager eventually. I enjoyed the relationships I have with our vendors and subs. I also liked working with the public, and I enjoyed getting to know everyone.

Corrin advised people who want to enter the industry, “Don’t ever be afraid that you can’t do something. Working in construction was fun but also challenging at times, which is why I enjoyed it. It kept me on my toes and always made my brain work. If you enjoy a good challenge, then working in construction could be an awesome career for you.”

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