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Director of national operations

I never had any doubt I wanted to be in construction. ⁣

I've built things since I made a T-kite (string and piece of paper) as a 3-year-old and let it take flight in the Midland, TX winds. ⁣

The next pseudo project was a bench made of a 2x4 and nails in pre-K. ⁣

I moved to Austin in elementary school and promptly found every piece of free "scrap" lumber on sites of homes being built near my house.

We eventually moved away, but I was able to find enough free lumber to build a fort in some woods adjacent to a wildlife refuge.⁣

That area of the woods was soon built up by new homes, but the fort lived on in someone's front yard for a few years. Climbing notches are still visible in the tree. ⁣

Some years later, I enrolled in the Construction Science program at Texas A&M.

While I was not a fan of high school, I actually liked college quite a bit with the focus on AEC courses. ⁣

I got into construction because it's all I've ever wanted to do. I like it because I get to get outside and see the fruits of my (and my teams') labor take shape. ⁣

I get outside less now, but it's still fun to be a part of teams that build amazing things. ⁣

It can be a challenging industry, but I look at the long hours (especially in my younger years) and travel as good experience and a badge of honor that most people working in other industries wouldn't understand. ⁣

There's definitely politics at work, as with any industry... But when you're in the field, making stuff happen and getting things done is KING.⁣

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