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Jasmine Garcia

Safety director

Colorado native Jasmine Garcia joined the Bemas family at age 17.  

She'd been working in food service in high school, with plans to become an architect, but it turned out designing buildings wasn’t what she wanted to do. Her dad was a residential remodeler, and she’d been around construction all her life. So when Ron at Bemas called her for an interview, she was ready to jump into the world of heavy civil.

Jasmine started out helping project managers with locates (that’s where you identify utility lines in the area so crews can excavate safely). Soon, she also began managing the entire safety program. She continued her education through the National Safety Committee with Bemas’ full support. 

2020 was a good year for safety, despite the pandemic. With safety, Jasmine said, “No day was the same. You had to be on your toes, so that was definitely the fun part.”

Jasmine firmly believed in working together to overcome, both in and out of the workplace. Having a family-oriented workplace also meant a lot to Jasmine as she raised her teen daughter. 

Her advice to younger women considering a construction career was, “Don’t be afraid. It’s a lot of work. Working with men is very straightforward. You can’t take anything personal; it’s business.”

Safety is an important part of the Dirt World, and it's a great role to work in. Find out more about other roles you can have in the Dirt World.

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