Annie Tooley

John Woolston

Excavating, demolition, & underground utilities contracting

My dad, Dave, and my uncle, Ritch, founded Woolston Construction Co., Inc. in March of 1985." ⁣⁣
They found their niche in building and demolishing warehouses, and as their business expanded, they grew into a 50-person operation serving the entirety of New Jersey and regions of the surrounding states. They even took on work for a period in the California desert. ⁣⁣
We can handle anything from the dirt work of commercial/residential developments to the wrecking of 1 million sq ft. buildings.⁣⁣
Growing up surrounded by Caterpillar 330s, Cat D5s, and dump trucks, it was my Dad and Uncle's hard work that inspired me to pursue a career in construction. I wouldn't change it for the world. ⁣⁣
My fascination with the industry began when I could barely walk, and it has only grown since I joined the business. I've done everything from installing pipes in the middle of a county road to moving a Komatsu 390 equipped with a shear across the state on our lowboy.⁣⁣

The future of the industry is in good hands with the younger generation, it just might not be entirely visible yet... But those of us who can learn from the old-timers while also applying new technology will see our industry soar."⁣

I think what BuildWitt is doing will help enhance the image of a career in construction. By utilizing engaging pictures and videos on social media, they are helping attract the next generation of men and women to join the field that we hold so dear."⁣


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