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Joleen Johnson

Director of administration

Joleen’s career in the trades started when she got a job working one day a week at a scrapyard. The scrapyard was located right on the water, and it managed all the rail and barge traffic that came through—weighing materials then sending the materials back out via truck or rail. 

Joleen was soon doing in three hours what was budgeted for eight, and her bosses started looking around for more work for her. They sent her to the scalehouse, and she learned to manage that. Then she covered the dispatch job for the trucking fleet for a few months. She also helped build out their safety program and create a safety manual.

Joleen grew in each of these roles by taking on everything her leaders and coworkers were willing to teach her. 

While it was bittersweet when the scrapyard closed, Joleen then had the chance to find Witech and vice versa. At Witech, she once again helped update their safety manual and build out their safety program. She kept ISNET current, uploaded client EMRs, and kept project safety information up to date. 

Joleen wore many hats—from payroll to safety to accounting—and she liked each role whil she was in it. “When I was in my safety zone, I loved my safety work. When I was in my accounting zone, I loved my accounting work,” she explained.

Family was big for Joleen, and that extended to her construction crew at Witech. She said, “We went through everything together. Our family losses, our wins, the ups and downs of the business. Witech was a family.”

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