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Scraper team member

"In 1989, four years after finishing high school and having tried various jobs without finding my passion, an older friend suggested I become a heavy equipment operator. ⁣

"I applied for an apprenticeship with the Local 139 Operating Engineers in Wisconsin, and to my surprise, I was accepted into the Pre-Apprenticeship program.⁣

"After completing the six-week course, I was dispatched to Hoffman Construction. Many seasoned operators mentored me throughout my apprenticeship, and I worked on various types of equipment, always eager to learn and improve. I eventually became a foreman of a scraper crew and delved into construction technology.⁣

"In 1999, I took a seasonal position as an instructor for the Wisconsin Operating Engineers Training Center, where I taught total stations and earthworks software. The technology advanced, and I began training others on machine control. ⁣

"I also worked with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on stakeless grading specifications for highway work while managing my scraper crew and training in the off-season.⁣

"Eventually, I became a project manager, primarily overseeing scraper dirt projects and building DTMs for various projects using TerraModel. ⁣

"In 2013, I took on a full-time training position as a master instructor for construction technology, teaching Topcon 3DMC, Pocket 3D, Office, Trimble SCS, SiteWorks, GCS, EarthWork, GroundWorks, Trimble Business Center, and Pix4D Mapper. I taught roughly 2,000 apprentices and 1,000 journey workers in various classes.⁣

"After 33 years in the industry, I retired from Local 139, having worked on some of Wisconsin's largest earth-moving projects and witnessing the construction technology wave that transformed civil construction... The excitement I felt never diminished. ⁣

"As Peter Hoffman would say, dirt runs in my veins! Even in retirement, I couldn't leave construction behind and now work at Trimble Civil Construction."⁣

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