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A New Hampshire native, Madeline was admiring heavy equipment on roadside projects long before she started at Sargent as a laborer. She said, “I always loved being outside, and I liked seeing people work on jobsites. There was a reward in going home after a good day of work.” 

Thanks to that lifelong interest, she naturally found her way into the construction industry after finishing her associate’s degree in civil engineering.

Madeline admitted there was some awkwardness when she showed up on a new jobsite. But when she cracked a joke, the guys let out a deep breath. As she said, “They’re all thinking, I guess she’s not so scary after all!

In fact, Madeline really enjoyed working with her male crewmates. "It was great. All of my coworkers took care of me. They looked out for me,” she explained.

Madeline eventually moved to the northern part of Maine to work on her advanced laborer training. She began learning to look at jobsites from a leader's perspective and increase efficiency on projects. She smiled a lot while talking about her training—and her future.

When asked about her plans, she said, “I absolutely want to move up! I want to be a foreman. That’s why I have to learn everything I can.”

Whether you have big dreams of becoming a foreman or you just want to work outside, the best way to start your career is to become a laborer like Madeline. Learn more about what laborers do and the career paths they can take.

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