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Megan Macioszek

Equipment operator

Heavy construction wasn’t on Megan’s radar. She was in college for mechanical engineering, but when COVID hit, she went back home to work concrete with her stepdad. She was as surprised as anyone else to discover she had a passion for construction.

“It definitely wasn't what I expected to be doing, but once I got into it, I couldn't picture myself doing anything else,” she said.

When an old boss called her stepdad with an offer, she decided to follow him. She eventually worked her way up to become a heavy equipment operator. Megan loved learning new stuff each day and was hungry to grow.

Megan said that before becoming an operator, “I was one of those people who struggled to back up really big trucks. Now sometimes I drive around the jobsite in reverse, just to practice.”

Her favorite machine? She wasn't a brand ambassador, but she did enjoy a Komatsu Dozer 351.

As far as working on mostly male crews? Megan never had anything but love from her crew. “I know it might seem a little far-fetched, but it’s not weird. It’s never awkward. They’re like my brothers; they look out for me,” she said.  

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Equipment Operator

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