Annie Tooley

Michael Burns

Project manager

Not even a college degree could keep Mike away from the Dirt World. ⁣
“I got my civil engineering degree... but knew that I STILL loved dirt!!⁣⁣”⁣
So... After graduation, he applied for project manager positions because he knew he still wanted to be a part of the dirt world. ⁣

“I’ve wanted to be in construction since I was a little kid. ⁣

When I was about 3, I was digging in the dirt, and my mom said to stop working and go play… I said, ‘Mom, work is my play.’”⁣

As an intern at Brinkmann Constructors, the safety guy (who was an old superintendent) told Mike, “There are 3 rules; ⁣

1. Keep the porta potties clean⁣
2. Learn names⁣
3. Everyone likes to think they came up with the idea themselves.” ⁣

“That really changed it for me because I realized how important people are in the industry. That’s what makes it so special.” ⁣⁣⁣

Mike realized he loves what he does MOST when he was in a JLG lift with a superintendent while looking at a new building. ⁣

I said, “look at what we are building,” ⁣

He replied, “look at what you’ve built, Mike.” ⁣

Mike knows that no matter what in construction, the end result is tangible, and it’s incredible. ⁣

"There is nothing more rewarding than working with a team, putting in a good day’s work, and seeing good results, and the Dirt World allows me to do that every day…"

Mike wants to show people that it’s possible to mentor the next generation of kids.⁣

"I have had so many great foremen on my jobs that mentored me and taught me so much along the way.⁣⁣⁣

The greatest asset to any company is its people, which is how I manage my projects. ⁣

My job as a PM is to make sure the people in the field have everything they need to be successful."

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