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Annie Tooley

Robert “Bubba” Sellers


Q: What was your career path that led you to Southern Site Contractors?

A: I started at Southern Site in 2017, so I was there since the beginning. I’d been working in construction since the early 1990s. I enjoyed what I did, and Southern Site was a good opportunity. I loved the equipment in this industry and meeting different people. I’d been all over the world, and I took pride in my job.

Q: Why would you say that working at Southern Site was a good opportunity?

A: Working for Ryan was a good time. He gave you all the equipment you needed to work with. You had your vacations, holidays, good benefits, all of that. The work was steady, and I had no complaints. My goal was to retire there and watch the company grow.

Q: What did you like about working for Ryan?

A: He treated people with respect. If he told you something, he honored it. That meant a lot to me. I saw this company since day one, and he did not change. He was the same person. I was usually a person who said what was on my mind, and he was a person who listened. Some people, when they get further into a company, they forget where they come from, but Ryan always made sure people were taken care of.

As a foreman, Bubba held a leadership position and had the authority to be a positive influence for his crew. Find out how you can help shape your crew when you become a foreman.

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