Annie Tooley

William Kullman

General superintendent

"After getting out of the Marines, I needed a job that had structure.⁣

"I tried manufacturing and delivery driving, but nothing was clicking. ⁣

"So, I joined the Laborers Union and started as an apprentice laborer. Having never seen some of these machines before, I became OBSESSED.⁣

"My journey began on the ground with a shovel, working the head of the bucket with a grade rod and rake. ⁣

"Cleaning the tracks was as close as I could get at the time, but I seized every opportunity to hop into the machine until someone kicked me out. I watched operators closely, particularly their hands on the controls. (it's fascinating the difference from operator to operator)⁣

"Eventually, I joined a pipe crew as a pipe tailor, then worked as a loader hand, pipe layer, trail hoe, and main liner. I eventually worked my way into a Foreman's position. (the best job I've ever had) After a couple of years, I moved into management as a General Superintendent. ⁣

"At 34, I'm relatively young for my position, but I'm eager to share my story and teach the younger generation that it's possible to move up if they're determined enough.⁣

"I've been in the dirt world for 12 years and have loved every second of it. I take pride in my work, the lifelong friends I've made, and my family legacy.⁣

"Some days are tough, but the beauty of our work is that we're in it together with our crew. ⁣

"If we can strive every day to show others amazing cases of success and happiness in our world, the younger crowd might find that the Dirt World is a pretty good world after all."

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