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Josh worked in a maintenance shop for five years, until he went out into the field as a foreman. After nine years of hard work and dedication, he advanced his career to become a superintendent at Midwest Mole. 

As a superintendent, Josh oversaw anywhere from four to eight jobsites in as many as three states—all at the same time.

His favorite part of the job was figuring out the challenges of how to get a tunnel across an area, then finally seeing the tunneling machine come out the other side of the ground.

When he wasn't on the job, he enjoyed staying at home with his wife and children. The self-proclaimed homebody also liked The Andy Griffith Show and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

His advice to future Moles is, “You gotta work hard, show up on time, and don’t cry about stuff. It is a tough job, but at the end of the day if you put in the work, you will move up in the company.”

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